Amazing Grace

Every Picture Tells a Story

I heard Rod's version of this the other day and had to learn it straight away - I'm 
no-one's tabbed it before.

It's based a round a D
shape. You can tune the bass E
down to a D
for a little bit and use it in place of the open D
if you wish. This version on 'Every Picture' probably has some slide on it and a little bit of a too. F
eel free to add detail around this core. e|--------2po0-----2----------------------| B|-----3--------3--3--3s5--3--------------| G|-----2-----------2-----------2s4--2-----| D|--0----------------------------------0--| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------| e|----------------------------2ho5--5--5(bu7)5--| B|-----3--5(bu7)5--3--5(bu7)--------------------| G|-----2----------------------------------------| D|--0-------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------| e|--2ho5--5--2ho5po0-------------------------| B|--------------------3---------3--3po0------| G|-----------------------2--2s4----------2---| D|--0-----0--0--------0--0--0---0--0-----0---| A|-------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------|-------------| B|-----3--5(bu7)5--3--5(bu7)--5(bu7)--3--|--7(bu8)--7--| G|--2------------------------------------|--7(bu8)--7--| D|--0--0--0------------------------------|--0-------0--| A|---------------------------------------|-------------| E|---------------------------------------|-------------| Amazing grace, How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now am found Was blind but now I see Comments are welcome. Richie Herbert *

Rod Stewart
(Guitar chords, ukelele, keyboard, tabs, bass, drums and lyrics)

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