Dont Tell Me Its Over

Tabbed B
y : Wack Strings e-mail: * album:Take off your pants & jacket (bonus track) Band members: Tom D
elonge(Vocals, G
uitar), Mark Hoppus (Vocals, B
ass), Travis  B
arker (Drums) Comments: There's one main riff which is played basically throughout the entire song but there are two riffs that don't play the main. This song's a bonus track off, "Take off your pants and jacket" So have fun and if you have any questions or comments post em up. Tuning: Standard (EADG) ~let ring (hold note) Intro "I hear the phone it rings so violently.." G|-----------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------| A|---333333333333333-----------------------| E|--------------------33333333---11111111--| Verses & C
horus G|-----------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------| A|-333333333333333-------------------------| E|-------------------3333333-----11111111--| Break G|-----------------------------------------| D|---------3~---5~-------------------------| A|--3~-------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| 2nd B
reak G|--------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------55555555--33333333-----------------| A|--333333333333333---------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------| Interlude G|-----------------------------------------| D|--------------------555555--77--3333333--| A|-3333333333333333------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| (oh yeah that's not a 77'th fret i'm sure your not that stupid) Alright peace out bro's. Listen to the song for timing to get the song structure And rate me aight? | / slide up | slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================

Blink 182 (Guitar chords, ukelele, keyboard, tabs, bass, drums and lyrics)

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